Month: April 2018

Hello from Bangladesh

Hello friends and supporters, I’m finally making some time to fill you in on everything that is taking place for Happily Made at the moment. The past few weeks leading up to my trip to Bangladesh have been intense to say the least and I […]

Silence In The Face Of Evil, Is Itself Evil

Silence In The Face Of Evil, Is Itself Evil

This is not an easy piece to write. I am so aware of how anything written about Middle East politics immediately gets judged and readers have made up their minds before they even start the article. Here’s the thing though. I didn’t always look at […]

I’m off to Bangladesh

When I was 20 years old I spent a month in an orphanage in northern Sri Lanka. The whole time I was there I felt clumsy about my presence. There really wasn’t much I could do besides show the kids how to make friendship bracelets […]